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Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing


The choices today for refinishing your wood floors are numerous!

Here are all the ways you can bring your wood floors back to life:

Sand and Finish 

            Description: Using a variety of sanding machines and abrasives, the sander will remove a portion of the top of the floor.  They then stain the floor, seal and finish it.

            Pros: If a floor is heavily damaged, this is your best chance to get down to fresh wood and start again. 

            Cons: Sanding produces a large amount of dust, and that dust is carcinogenic.  “Dust from sanding” is considered “a known human carcinogen” according to the FDA’s website. The downtime from sanding is up to a week.  There also can be a lingering odor for up to three months.  Sanding is an expensive process as well. 

Dustless Refinishing

            Description: Using a variety of sanding machines and abrasives, but with a vacuum attached, the sander will sand the floor in the same way as with sand and finish work, but with less dust.

            Pros:  There is less dust left behind to cleanup than with a traditional sanding.

            Cons: No matter what, the vacuums can’t pick up all of the dust.  Even with the best machines available, there is always “fine dust” that gets into the air and that dust is carcinogenic. 

Screening/Buffing Refinishing

            Description:  Using a floor buffer with an abrasive pad, the floor will be etched so that the urethane will adhere for a new finish.

            Pros: This is a faster service than a traditional sand and finish or dustless refinishing.

            Cons: There is no guarantee that the finish will adhere to the floor.  If it peels, it could take up to a year and a half to start peeling, and once it starts, it will continue to peel until the floor is sanded. 

Sandless Refinishing

            Description: Using a floor machine and various abrasives the floor is etched while using a wet non-toxic solution as a buffer.  Anything that comes off the floor stays contained in the solution.  Once that is picked up from the floor, there is nothing to clean up.         

            Pros: The service can be complete in just hours with multiple coats of sealer and finish applied.  Unlike all of the other methods of refinishing, there is nothing to clean up at all.  There are no odors left behind, the products that are used are certified green and therefore safe for kids and pets.  Since it takes hours and not days, the labor costs are much lower and therefore the price of service is less than the other refinishing methods.

            Cons: It does not remove dents or gouges from a floor.

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From Our Clients
“My father in-law is selling his house and I had Mr. Sandless come out and finish his floors. There was a significant pet odor in the house and the floors definitely needed some help. They turned out amazing and we are very happy. Thanks guys!”
Joe, Bloomington, MN.

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